IEXS Funding your account to entered a draw 100%, the first prize of USD $5000

IEXS, the industry leader, provides a full range of customized trading services, integrating all aspects of promotional activities including account opening, deposit and withdrawal, trading, bonus points and others, as well as multiple types of technical support such as compounding and fund management, so you can enjoy fabulous trading experience since you chosen IEXS.

IEXS Advantages

IEXS provides its clients with exclusive trading support,
the best order execution experience and the most outstanding service.

Premier liquidity

IEXS provides brokerage services including heated stocks, indices, energy and metals, currencies and clearing payment services.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal solutions.Enjoy great discounts and millions of subsidiary dollars, and speedy audit on deposit and withdrawal

Security of

Multi-authority monitoring, segregated and insured client accounts to ensure the safety of your funds

Increase long-term income

IEXS EXTRA makes it easy to earn after bedtime; low overnight interest rates help you capture long-term income.

Low Spread

Clients enjoy low spreads, premium market entry prices and tight spreads with no hidden fees and spreads as low as 0.17

Negative Balance

IEXS ensures that the client's loss does not exceed the initial investment and that any negative balance would be adjusted to zero

Industry-leading user centre

IEXS is committed to serving its clients by putting them first, understanding their needs and integrating cutting-edge solutions into its trading products and services to provide an industry-leading trading experience and technical support to clients in the global financial markets.

  • Multi-channel, multi-functional backside for successful transaction.
  • Multi-platform activities to significantly enhance the trading experience
  • X-PAMM trading management model for easy profit making
  • 24/7 customer service, online answers to your questions
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World Leading MetaTrader 4/5 Platform Powered by IEXS

MetaTrader is the most widely used electronic trading platform and has been adopted as the financial market standard thanks to its cutting-edge technology and suitability for traders of all skill levels.

Account Opening Process

Three simple steps to help you start trading easily

Register your account

2 minutes to register your account with
real name verification

Get Reward

Access backstage to win up to $5,000

Start Trading

Quick access to your funds to start trading
with IEXS

Clients Review

IEXS deploys customer service team to ensure that all communication is consistent and that issues are resolved efficiently. Our customer service team is on call 24/7 to ensure that every customer's urgent issues are resolved

“ IEXS are pros - they truly are. They are regulated by a top-notch regulator, and you can tell there’s a reason that FCA stands up behind them. Trust is the most important thing to me when I put my money online - and IEXS has proven itself trustworthy.”

Jason - Join IEXS since June 2021

“IEXS promises fast withdrawals and strict security. I was surprised to find that it's even possible... It seems that they make a true effort to make withdrawals easy even though they leave no stone unturned regarding security.”

Clair - Join IEXS since April 2020

“It's suitable for beginners. I know it for myself and for my friend who offered me to join this platform as he did. Because I'm new to this, I have lots of questions, but sometimes it takes a while to be answered. Other than that, I'm really happy I'm there.”

Stephen Brennan - Join IEXS since July 2020

Register now to get a DEMO Account with $100,000virtual capital

IEXS Demo account provides a risk-free envirroment for you to try our web trading platforms. While much of the functionality of the live platform features in the demo

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IEXS Special Offers

Ongoing event

VIP Membership System

New customers can join the IEXS VIP membership system simply after registration and account open. Enjoy exclusive VIP privileges. Top 10 member benefits,The pinnacia trading experience,Redeem cash for limousines

Highest Profits Event

Get a cash bonus on your first deposit

Get a chance to win 100% on your first deposit every day! Cash rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Earn lucky draw opportunities up to 13 times a day through daily deposits.The more amounts you deposit, the more chances you get to win. Cash rewards can be withdrawn at any time and benefits would be doubled.

Most Popular Events

Trading bonus points for luxury gifts

IEXS provides a one-stop luxury service to its customers. Customers can earn points through trading and participating in events and redeem them for luxury products at the IEXS Customer Centre. Unlimited cash prizes, coveted Porsche cars and the latest smart electronics.